Ewan Downie - Company of Wolves

Residency 20 - 24 April
Ewan Downie/Company of Wolves

Achilles - research into movement, words and song

'What we cannot speak of we must pass over in silence.'

The Greek myth of Achilles lives on the boundary of what can be expressed in words, dealing as it does with violence, love, loss and grief.

This residency will be a focused period of research on the relationship of words, song and movement in performance. The musical aspect of the work is drawn from Greek laments that I collected during an expedition to Northern Greece.

The story of Achilles forms the background and inspiration for this research, which will feed into the development of a solo performance weaving together text, song and movement. This work follows on from my residency at Dance Base in 2014.

Company Class 21 Tuesday April 10.00-11.30
A session exploring some of the links between moving, speaking, and singing that I'm exploring during my residency.

Company Showing Friday 24 April 16.00

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