Ewan Downie

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Residency 1 - 12 February
Ewan Downie

Research towards a solo performance by Ewan Downie.

""Sing, goddess, sing the rage of Achilles, murderous, doomed, who brought us loss on loss.""

In 2015 I began a focussed period of research into the relationship of words and movement in performance.

Over time this research began to take form around the story of Achilles.

I'm fascinated by how simultaneously human and inhuman Achilles is. How appalling his capacity for violence, and how familiar.

I'm intrigued by the way language and gesture relate to ambiguity in different ways, how they contain elements of each other, and I want to find a way to combine them in performance in a way that they support and enhance each other.

Company Class: Thursday 4 & 11 February 10.00-11.30

I'll warm up the body and voice, and look at some simple ways in which gesture and word can interact. No experience required.

Company Showing: Friday 12 February 17.00

Funded by Creative Scotland, Linklater Voice Centre, Citizens Theatre

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