Errol White Company

Residency 8-26 September
Errol White Company
New Work
Errol White Company will tour their new work in Autumn this year. The new work, as yet untitled, shall work within a theatrical context whilst undeviating from pure movement. The audience will be compelled to piece together each element of the production to determine their understanding of the overall abstract narrative whilst engaging with the aesthetic quality of the choreography.

During this residency the choreographers will give equal attention to the theatricality of the work focusing on the abstract in the characters, setting, and narrative and exploring the relationship between these important elements of the piece through collaboration.

Class: Thursdays 11, 18 & 25 September
The principle elements of the class work will focus on skeletal alignment; articulate placement and core stability. Leading the dancers to move fluidly with precision, power and strength facilitating a neutral and controlled understanding of the body’s physicality in performance.

Freeday Preview: Friday 26 September 17.00

Funding Credit: Creative Scotland
Image Credit: Susan Hay

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