Eleven / Dudendance

Image credit Rupert Thomson

Residency 9 – 13 November

Eleven / Dudendance

The Minotaur

We told them we were going to re-create the Minotaur. We would build the thing in code. A strutting monster of numerals and letters, digitally stored and shared so everyone could study it. We would build it with care, cell by cell and protein by protein. It would be an embodiment of what humanity could and could not do, a marker for a generation.'

Writer and performance-maker Rupert Thomson is interested in monsters. Creatures of our imagination, monsters are also well-known, and feared, for their physical attributes. This second Dance Base residency sees Thomson collaborating with experimental dance and physical theatre artists Paul Rous and Clea Wallis, exploring themes of concept and reality, movement and text, towards the presentation of a finished work titled The Minotaur.

Company Class: Thursday 12 November 10.00-11.30

Informed by many years of creating his own movement language Paul Rous will teach a class working into the ground with body weight, spiraling and flow to create improvised sequences which are fluid and slow.

Company Showing: Friday 13 November 17.00

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