Director Gage Ehmann Choreographer Matthew Hawkins

Residency 22 – 26 Jan
Indelible Gestures: Development
Director Gage Ehmann
Choreographer Matthew Hawkins

Gesture derives expressive power from its fundamental and universal role in communication. As communication is ultimately the aim of artistic expression, different manifestations of gesture permeate visual art, music, and dance. This project will explore how gesture can mediate between these disciplines by generating collaborative notation in the form of a graphic score based on the Bach Solo Cello Suite VI. Join director Gage Ehmann and choreographer Matthew Hawkins as they explore how a shared blueprint can generate the creative and collaborative process of making dance.

Company Class Thursday 25 January 10.00-11.30
Class will be led by Matthew Hawkins, who will share the way he practices: training in the form of a Cunningham technical basis, with additional floorwork.

Company Showing Friday 26 January 17.00

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