Debbie Allan

Residency 6-10 October
Debbie Watson
The F Word
The starting point is a dialogue about Feminism: between mothers and daughters; women in their fifties and women in their twenties. The exchanges are taking place outside of the studio and the structure being used is F words. The residency will focus on developing movement inspired and influenced by those exchanges. Utilising the WM|RD Choreographic Thinking Tools and Body Mind Centering explorations, Debbie Watson will split the studio time working alone to develop her own fledgling choreographic ideas; and with other dancers to co-create movement and dance in the hope of finding a meaningful and stimulating resonance for both audience and performer.

Class: Tuesday 7 October
Suitable for intermediate to professional level, the class will focus on BMC approaches to enliven the body’s deep expressive capacity.

Freeday Preview: Friday 10 October 16.00

Image Credit: Image created by Debbie Watson on

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