Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre - Emma Jayne Park

Image Credit: Douglas Dougan

Residency 11 - 22 May
Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre

Experts in Short Trousers

Inspired by Siobhan Davies' proposal that we are all experts in movement, and also the immersive work of Punchdrunk theatre company, Cultured Mongrel's new work Experts in Short Trousers is an interactive performance designed to celebrate the skills primary school audiences already have. 

Arriving to disaster - cast, costume and set strewn everywhere - the audience need to teach the cast how to move, what to wear, and, most importantly, how to build their escape vehicle! 
Cultured Mongrel is the umbrella name for the creative practice of Emma Jayne park. Carrying the innate values of hip hop culture whilst exploring new territories in theatre, they specialise in making high-quality work that can tour anywhere with a double-plug socket. For more info visit

Company Class Tuesday 12 & Thursday 21 May 10.00 - 11.30
Advanced dancers from both contemporary and hip hop movement backgrounds are invited to explore a highly physical and momentum driven class built from elements of both practices.

Company Showing Friday 22 May 16.00


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