Cultured Mongrel

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Residency 18 - 22 Sept and 23 - 27 Oct
Here Before Now
Cultured Mongrel

We’ve all ‘been here before’. With hindsight, it is easy to see how history has repeated itself but what happens when life throws you a curve ball of meteoric proportion? Exploring grief, change and our relationship with home, Here Before Now combines movement and text with live music from composer Nik Paget-Tomlinson.

Here Before Now is the first stage in developing Quality driven, intimate home-based performances which consider the specific needs of people who are house bound for medical reasons. Working in partnership with The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, these short works will engage with a variety of themes and art forms to offer those who cannot attend the theatre the same privilege as our visiting audiences.

Company Class Tuesday 19 Sept & 24 Oct 10.00-11.30

Physical, playful and open to advanced movers from all backgrounds class will explore the overlap between contemporary technique and hip hop styles.

Company Showing Friday 22 Sept & 27 Oct 16.00

Funding Credits: Commissioned by 2Faced Dance Company & The BENCH

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