Colin Poole

Image credit: Mark Alesky
Residency 4 – 8 December
Colin Poole

This residency is led by choreographer Colin Poole in collaboration with dance artist Charlie Morrissey. Together we are exploring ideas around identity and trauma. This research comes at a time of political uncertainty, Brexit, Trump, the refugee crisis and fears with regard to, the 'Other'. Situated within this context we will explore how dance making sits within these concerns. We will investigate the nature of our responsibilities as artists and whether art has something unique to contribute to the wider conversation.

Company Class Thursday 7 December 10.00-11.30

This company class is open to all levels of experience and draws on the Feldenkrais Method and Contact Improvisition to explore ways of moving into the unfamiliar and unknown.

Company Showing Friday 8 December 17.00

Funding Credits: The Place Choreodrome, Dance South East

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