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Image Credit International Ballet Festival, Cuba

Residency 2 – 6 November



During a long period of time man has expressed himself through movement, showing the ability to develop and create sensational studies on the dimensions of the human body. A clear example of this was Leonardo Da Vinci with his drawing the ‘‘Vitruvian Man’’ which has been my inspiration for this residence.

The starting point will be through movement with a unique style mixing the synthesis of universal modern dance and Cuban Folklore. The integration of these styles will be applied using the highest extension of the body showing the use of the pelvic region and the rippling torso as well as using other characteristics of intense and physical movements that are found in the Cuban Modern Dance technique.

Company Class: Thursday 5 November 10.00-11.30

Cuban modern dance is a strong, physical and dynamic technique that offers a lot to explore for professional dancers.

Company Showing: Friday 6 November 17.00

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