Christina Liddell

Image credit: Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity

Residency 26 Feb – 2 Mar
Glimpsing Air Pockets
Christina Liddell

A child is present with her in the space. Moments of joy and a newly found hope are instilled. They stand in front of many glowing lights. One by one, they begin to shine.

As a direct response of Christina working with many inspiring children at the Royal Sick Children's Hospital, Glimpsing Air Pockets has sparked. During the residency, Christina is intrigued to work within a ray of impulses to create the work - including the children's personal contribution within the set, musical elements, film and live performance, which will greatly steer Christina to open up new horizons and possibilities.

The vision of reaching many children with the project, will enable them, alongside their families, to enjoy their contributions within the end performance.

Company Class Tuesday 27 February 10.00 – 11.30
A class articulating focus and engagement, initiation, intention and spin-offs - embracing joy, new movement potential and invigorating material.

Company Showing Friday 2 March 16.00

Supported by the Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity and mentored by Christine Devaney

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