Chalky Whyte

0782 477 0294Qualified teacher with the U.K.A. (United Kingdom Alliance) and the Le Roc (French Jive) Federation, Chalky Whyte is one of the highest qualified Le Roc teachers in Scotland today. He is a qualified Salsa teacher and holds a qualification in club dance and British Sign Language (BSL) He is also approved by the Local Education Department in Edinburgh and Lothians to promote various dance forms for schools and colleges.

Chalky started dancing in 1995 and discovered his love of teaching dance when helping other beginners. He finds it especially rewarding to see dancers' faces light up as they learn and improve their new moves.

Chalky was inspired by Roy Forbs, a member of the Leroc Federation, and after attending some of Forbs’ workshops took on-board his approach to the footwork in Leroc and West Coast Swing. As a result, Chalky has gone on to train dancers for their Salsa and Jive teaching exams and taught footwork to Billy Collin and his dancers at the Dance Cafe.

Chalky’s dancing career has spanned many years. He has competed at various levels, taught abroad, judged competitions and trained formation teams for a number of groups of different levels and backgrounds. In 2009 Chalky was lucky enough to dance for the Queen when she visited one of his classes.

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