Bleakley and Ravaioli

Image Credit: M. Bleakley
Residency 28 November – 2 December
Shoelaces (working title)
Bleakley and Ravaioli

Carolina and Mark will continue to develop their roaming duet under the title Shoelaces.

This work takes its departure from an improvisation where the two performers continually attempt to tie the others shoelaces whilst the other is carrying out the same attempt. This futile exercise opened up a humorous approach to looking at collaboration and its inherent renegotiations as the form of the connecting bodies (and the work) changes and morphs as new attempts are placed upon the last. During the residency we will begin to explore how the work can inhabit a range of environments and how this affects the audiences engagement and intimacy.

Company Class Tuesday 29 November 10.00-11.30
The class will focus on self-led body explorations, using improvisation techniques and release to explore head and tail connections.

Company Showing Friday 2 December 16.00

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