Ashley Jack

At a young age Ashley was inspired by music and taught herself to dance – finding she could naturally express herself through movement. With help from music videos, she was able to take her talent further.

She was accepted onto the Professional Stage Dance course at Telford college, Edinburgh, and gained her HND, training in styles such as ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, jazz and tap. However, her real passion lay within the hip hop scene.

At the age of 16, she found hip hop culture, focusing on styles such as house, hip hop, vogue, funk styles, poppin’, lockin’ and teaching choreography and her own stories through movement.
Ashley has trained and battled in London, Paris, Holland, New York and many other places to learn and train with the best... the pioneers of hip hop.

Ashley is the Artistic Director of Edinburgh-based all-female hip hop dance group Jackin the Box.
and has danced for artists such as Kelly Rowland and David Guetta. But her main focus is her teaching and Jackin the Box.

Based in Edinburgh, she continues to learn, share her knowledge and inspire the people around her in dance.


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