Anima (L)us

Image Credit Irina Steinbrecher

Residency 23 November – 4 December


Mus ro faclan ann (Before Words)

This trio explores interdependency before words - the connection between bodies and minds collectively seeking

survival through supporting and challenging one another. The question I’d like to pose for the audience is, ‘what awareness might we have lost (or gained) through language and, what is revealed as we return to movement as our fundamental form of communication?’ Stories will unravel as the three performers become more distinctly separate and the piece progresses.

Inspiration for this work came from living and working in South Uist where the society is extremely interconnected. With this residency I intend to work with three dancers to create make a new choreography – Mus ro faclan ann.

Company Class: Thursday 26 November and 3 December 10.00-11.30

Class begins by tuning in through the breath to release excess muscular tension. We explore multiple initiation points and utilise core strength, co-ordination and flexibility in relation to gravity and our skeleton. We practice channeling our energetic qualities for most efficient use in both improvised and set material.

Company Showing: Friday 4 December 17.00

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