Angus McLean Balbernie

Residency 18 - 29 January

Angus McLean Balbernie

"Here all is distance- There it was breath"

The end of Rilke's 8th Duino Elegy resonates with the weight of age, and with the timeless ""whole gaze"" of creatures. I want to continue to explore themes of ageing and stories, bodies and changes, humans and animals, and how mixing different moving bodies at very different ages might make resonant work.

Are these stories embodied or embedded? Do they become more so as we grow older? When, if ever, do we, as dancers, leave the human and find the animal again? Where do we go in our bodies?

In this project I want to work with 4 young ""fit 'n 'healthy"" dancers, and 4 slightly knackered, older dancers. Initially in very clear duet relationships, digging deep into this form. Then maybe into quartets and finally ending with an octet.

I also simply want to get right back into my ""directing"" and stay very focused, dig deeper, find a depth of form to work with, to honour both the dancing and the space for these stories to ""breath...""

If you are interested in working with Angus, please contact him directly on for further information. Please note you need to be available for the full residency period.

Company Class: Tuesday 19 & 26 January 10.00-11.30

The class will be for all. Any age, any body, any ability. We will move into our own ways of moving through a simple moving model of both the body and the spaces bodies move in.This will develop into solo and shared improvisation and finally into some damn fine group impro and guilt-free dancing to finish.

Company Showing: Friday 29 January 16.00

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