White & Givan | 26 - 30 April

White & Givan SP21

Image credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

Worn Film

White & Givan

This project aims to create a film version of Worn, creating a high quality work to share with audiences digitally. Worn is an exquisite and emotive new dance production, which explores how the body is affected by time and space, and the experiences, marks and scars that become part of our history and affect our present as well as our possible futures. We plan on working with filmmaker Barrie Barreto, with whom White & Givan have worked with before. He has an innate understanding of movement that enables him to connect directly with the physicality of the vocabulary and performativity of the work as he moves with us, with us and around us placing himself physically inside the work.This will give the viewers a unique opportunity to feel and sense the themes from within the work.

Finding credits: Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland
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