Taylor Han and Alex Paton | 28 June - 2 July

Taylor Han Spring 21

Image credit: The Place

With Catastrophic Consequences

Taylor Han and Alex Paton

This residency will be used to develop and adapt With Catastrophic Consequences. The work is a duet, and a collaborative live improvisation between Taylor Han as dancer, choreographer and improviser, and Alex Paton, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Together, the pair want to explore the joy of live music and dance, and celebrate the playfulness that live improvisation can bring. Using conversational text, and guided by the expertise of dramaturg Ramon Ayres, they explore connection with the audience during the performance to allow the audience to be a part of the collaborative process. The work champions joy, hope and connection, explored through the lens of the fluctuating and nuanced relationship between not only music and dance, but musician, dancer, and audience.

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council