Katrina McPherson | 21-25 June

Katrina McPherson  | 21-25 June

Image from Luise, a new work by Katrina McPherson, 2020. Camera: Natalia Barua.

Katrina McPherson | 21-25 June

Dance Base Associate Artist Katrina McPherson will utilise this week-long residency to re-connect with and develop the movement-research element of what is her most personal project to date.  

Luise is a work for the screen which based on the real life events surrounding the story of Katrina’s maternal grandmother, a German refugee who died in 1946 , and pieced together from photographs, letters and a handful of family stories, with the unknown parts imagined. Drawing on Katrina’s 30 + years of practice as a dance filmmaker and her experience as a documentary director, this will be a highly choreographic film, which uses movement along with dialogue to explore ideas of isolation, identity and finding a voice.

 The Luise film takes the form of a series of interwoven stories, taking place in different timeframes and various locations, each one speaking to the other and shedding light on the specific and the universal of each individual’s experiences. The reach of the film is broad, ambitiously crossing the historical, the visual, the abjectly personal, the societal, with Katrina's signature screendance work. Nothing will be out-rightly abstract - everything will aim to speak to an audience who might have lost their way, or who might want to know how to spot somebody else who has. 

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