Jian Yi | 14 - 18 June & 21 - 25 June

Jian Yi Spring 21

Image credit: Jian Yi


Jian Yi

Jian Yi's residency will develop an outdoor dance project, 'Weathervanes'. A contemporary pagan ritual inspired by practices of Japanese Bodyweather, the work is an offering to the sky involving an ensemble of (non-gender conforming, queer and POC) nude dancers performing from the rooftops / elevated heights.

It is a militant affirmation of life and light – ours is an erotic mysticism.

Non-Western traditions of dance have always reflected something more essential, extending beyond bourgeois society and towards the questions of afterlife, ancestral memory, and an elemental connection to nature. The performance research addresses these questions head on, using the timelessness of the ritual to reconnect with both queer ancestors, and de-colonial, anti-capitalist futures that we may bring about through ongoing intersectional struggle.

Funding credits: Dance4, The Work Room, Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council