Farah Saleh and Oguz Kaplangi | 14 - 18 June & 21 - 25 June

Farah Saleh SP21

Image credit: Amy Sinead-Moran

A Wee Journey

Farah Saleh and Oguz Kaplangi 

Migration is a pressing matter, affecting millions all around the world. People leave their homeland due to war, economic constraints or the ever-increasing authoritarian regimes in search of a new home. Around 633,000 people between 2001-18 chose Scotland. At its heart A Wee Journey is a choreographed musical journey of migration - following those who have made the journey to Scotland. The musical expression and choreography will be woven together to reflect the transition between an unstable environment in contrast with the safe and solid life hoped for in Scotland. Through the performance, we seek to expand minds, challenge perception, stimulate reflection and compassion and celebrate diversity and belonging.

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