Eoin McKenzie | 31 May - 4 June

Eoin McKenzie sp21

Image credit: Platform, Easterhouse


Eoin McKenzie

Eoin McKenzie will begin to develop a new choreographic work, DANCES FOR A NON-DANCER, that utilises the act of mining embodied and somatic histories relating to dancing, exploring the form from his position as a 'non-dancer'.

DANCES FOR A NON-DANCER is a performance work that seeks to use the choreographic form as a mode of unpicking the hegemonies that influence (and potentially restrict) the way that we view dance, art, and - by extension - our own relationship to the bodies we inhabit. He is interested in how accessible choreographic practices can become sophisticated in execution, whilst advocating for a universality within dance.

As part of his residency, Eoin hopes to create a choreographic score which can be shared with other self-defined 'non-dancers' in order to begin a wider dialogue about our relationship to the act of dancing. Eoin will also begin to generate choreographic material that seeks to joyously celebrate and advocate for the dances of non-dancers; whatever that may mean. 


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