DEBS with Lucy Suggate | 24 - 28 May & 14 - 18 June

Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme (DEBS) – 2020/21

DEBS Residency with Lucy Suggate


These two weeks are for the cohort of our 2020/21 Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme (DEBS), led by Lucy Suggate.

The group joined us in June 2020 and have spent the last year working together digitally, connecting through movement and conversation. These two weeks will see the group come together in person with their mentor Lucy Suggate to discover and unlock their own practice through movement, dance, choreography and performance. A lot of the work over the two weeks will explore aspects of the “Micro & Macro” which means that while they will focus on movement material, they will also be looking at the bigger picture, the multiple contexts we find ourselves working and living in, be it social, political, ethical or economic.

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