Atzi Muramatsu | Dates TBC


Image credit: Chantal Guevara

ok (not) is everything

Olga Kay and Atzi Muramatsu

In this new interdisciplinary collaboration between dance artist Olga Kay and composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu, the artists embody the binary realities posed in our current socio-political and environmental climate through innocent child-like 'play'. As if they are children left on their own for a period of time in a family home, they will experience a safe and familiar space gradually becoming unfamiliar, uncertain and wonderful. What’s out there? Are we safe? Shall we get out? ok (not) is everything explores the artists’ current areas of research. Olga is interested in application of theories of psychology and movement therapy in her dance and choreographic works. Atzi is researching theories of embodied music cognition and its application to performance and music in dance theatre.

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