TS CREW | Made in Hong Kong - No Dragon No Lion

TS Crew - Summer 2022

Photo credit: Chester Ng

27 June - 1 July & 4 - 8 July

TS CREW is made up of a group of Hong Kong artists with different artistic backgrounds, includes contemporary dance, martial arts tricking, traditional lion & dragon dance and capoeira. In this residency, we will modify our recent work No Dragon No Lion by getting the inspirations from culture and community of Edinburgh.

No Dragon No Lion is a contemporary twist on thetraditional Hong Kong lion dance which will extract the essence of the lion dance and integrate it with beat-boxing, tricking and contemporary dance.

During our residency in DanceBase, we will divide the whole piece into different small particles or raw materials. We will then integrate these small particles with different new elements that we will get and learn from the people and the vibe in Edinburgh to form some new particles. Finally, we will link up all these new particles to make a "new" No Dragon No Lion.


Residency Sharings

Company Class 

TS Crew invite members from our professional sector and public class attendees to join them each week for a class where they will share their practice and develop new elements for the work.

  • Tuesday 28 June & 5 July | 10:00 - 11:30 | Workshop for professional dance sector
  • Join the Crew each Tuesday to learn the basic lion dance skills, explore elements of parkour and tricking skills and try TS Crew's experiential the kung fu contemporary circus choreography.
  • Thursday 30 June & 7 July | 10:00 - 11:30 | Workshop for general public
  • Join the TS Crew for their Ninja challenge workshop! With game setting, this fun workshop will explore a combination of climbing, travelling and the traditional lion dance technique

Book your place here by selecting the date of the class, or just turn up on the day.


Work-In-Progress Sharing 

Unfortunately the TS CREW have had to cancel the sharing that was planned for Friday 8th July. Make sure you see their performance at the Festival instead! https://www.dancebase.co.uk/festival-shows/a-something-no-dragon-no-lion-ts-crew-kwoks-kung-fu-and-dragon-lion-dance-team-17-28-august--2213 


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