Nadia Sewnauth | My Maw is a Robot

Nadia Sewnauth - Hip Hop announcement

9 - 13 May

Nadia will join Dance Base for an initial research and development week into her current project which draws influence from her various musical and movement influences throughout life. The year is 1981 and a housewife/mother robot is trapped in a never ending cycle of mundane duties. Can it move forward into a funkier, brighter future by reflecting on and letting go of the past?
The work came about during her period of matrescence and was further explored during the lockdowns of 2020 /2021. Research currently consists of video footage of the robot seeking solace in the home whilst bringing up two young children under 3. It sought sanctuary in the kitchen where there is space, optimum light and quietness in the late hours of the day. Feelings of pressure and guilt to juggle motherhood with a career and life outside of the home come to the surface. Can this robot ever be free again or is it bound for a life within 4 walls forever?
The piece will encompass movements from popping, locking, waacking and soul dances set to a soundtrack of hip-hop, funk, disco and soul music. 
Nadia Sewnauth | Lead Artist
Melanie “ Shelltoe Mel” Leck | Collaborators
Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council
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