Keith Marshall/ ThrowPoi | The Catch

Keith Marshall Summer 2022

20 - 24 June

The catch is a playful and experimental approach to the reality of being jugglers; a discipline rooted in both chaos and order, playing with the balance or imbalance between the two, and suspended in the never-ending struggle to keep on catching everything.

As jugglers we constantly need to balance between the creative chaos of objects thrown everywhere and the order and discipline one needs to achieve consistency and to find that sweet spot where everything comes together - the perfect throw, followed by the catch. 

Keith Marshall | Lead Artist

Antonia Maerker | Collaborator


Supported through our Artist Residency Programme


Residency Sharings

Company Workshop | Juggling and You | Tuesday 21st June 10:00 - 11:30

This workshop is about objects and our bodies, how they can manipulate each other and how you can both move in unison or against each other.

You don’t need to be able to juggle to join!

We will go through some technical juggling exercises and different juggling or object manipulation techniques. 

Following this we will present solo and partner exercises to get creative with one or more objects of your choice; We will provide a couple of different objects to choose from, but you are welcome to bring along whatever seems interesting to you, anything works, but its better if it doesn't break when dropped - because we will definitely drop, a lot!

Book your place for the workshop here by selecting the date, or just turn up on the day.


Work-In-Progress Sharing | Friday 24 June 16:00 - 17:00

Join Keith and Antonia for a sharing at the end of their residency week.

Book your place for the sharing here by selecting the date, or just turn up on the day.


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