Iona Kewney | Knights of the Invisible

Iona Kewney

Photo credit: Jouni ihalainen

25 - 29 April

This short residency is a personal, and local, research warm up to collect, write and prepare physical vocabulary and content prior to Knights of the Invisibles new creation and co-productions in theatres throughout in Europe in 2022.

It will be a period of training and experiment focusing on the body as a place of possibility, history, complexity and metamorphosis.

An ongoing investigation of movement in detail and choreographic layers that will focus on elements relating to the present work.

Immersing myself in a continued study of idiosyncratic methods and techniques that transform movement through the emotional physical language of life to the deliverance of the imagination in dance.

A realist and surrealist vision. Utilising the voice, visual art theories and improvisation to form content.

Working as a journey of interconnected life and death, a viscerally present and yet, deeply ancient sense of being.

I will be investigating anatomical distortion of shape and form through energy, ritual, visualisation and the nervous system, leading to transformation of emotional states of being.

KNIGHTS OF THE INVISIBLE. 'Waiting for the Sea Eagle'. World premiere in Lyon, France. November 10th, 11th and 12th. Austrian premiere in Vienna 24th, 25th November. Continuing throughout 2023.

Iona Kewney | Lead Artist

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Residency Sharings

Company Class | Tuesday 26 April 10:00 - 11:30.

The awakening of physical expressionism through technique and visualisation.

Focusing on the emotional energy and athletic instinct to form movement possibility.

Improvisation to transformation.

The workshop will also incorporate methods of movement with handstand in the space. Collapsing and falling and arriving.

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