Himadri Madan | The Gaze

Himadri Madan Summer 2022

23 - 27 May

The Gaze: through this residency, I will develop a solo performance that aims to delve into the lived experience of my relationship with my body in relation to society and translate it into movement and screen dance as an output. Through the residency, I will engage with the text Draupadi written by Mahaswetha Devi, which revolves around the concept of internalised shame in women about their bodies while also touching upon the role of caste and class difference in the way the female body is viewed by the society in India. Holding on to the thread of the text I wish to delve into my relationship with my body in relation to society, to explore how I have/have not internalised shame. My experience of being watched and scrutinised by the patriarchal gaze of society. Further diving into how my relationship with my body impacts my practice as a dancer and choreographer. 

Himadri Madan | Lead Artist

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Supported through our Artist Residency Programme


Residency Sharings

Work-In-Progress Sharing | Friday 27 May 15:00 - 16:00

The sharing at the end of the week will be an interactive performance that will include a work in progress sharing of what is developed in the residency, further opening it to the audience for questions and feedback.

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