Steven Martin | My Life in Pieces

Steven Martin | My Life in Pieces

Monday 5 - Friday 9 December

Photo credit: Steven Martin

‘My life in Pieces’ is a solo autobiographical dance project focusing on the last 4 years of Steven’s life and in particular his mental health journey. In 2018 he was in a car accident in which he also lost his partner. During this residency he will be exploring the themes of trauma, grief and mental suffering through dance, music and spoken word.

Facebook: @stevenmartindance
Instagram: @stevenmartindance


Professional Contemporary Class

Thursday 8 December | 09:30 – 11:00 | Free | BOOK HERE

Join Steven for a Company Class where he will share his practice. Steven teaches a release-based class that is comprised of physical full-bodied exercises encouraging efficient use of the body and dynamic performance quality. The class will move through several taught phrases where the energy initiation through the torso creates a complex movement vocabulary challenging the participant’s natural understanding of flow.


Work-in-Progress Sharing

Friday 9 December | 14:30 – 15:30 | Free | BOOK HERE

On the final day of his residency Steven will present a work-in-progress which is free and open to all.

Content warning: Please note this sharing will depict themes of trauma, grief and mental suffering, which may cause distress. There will be a safe space available after the performance. 


Supported through our Artist Residency Programme