Spring term update

Nicola Kenny

You may have seen recent press reports about Dance Base and the challenging financial circumstances we all face in light of increased energy bills and rates of inflation. Things are certainly very tough and we really appreciate everyone who has contacted us to show their concern. The support of dancers and dance lovers across Scotland means the world to us. 

UK Government support for business energy bills this winter means that things are not as desperate as they looked in September. Our current survival and recovery plan will be painful but will allow us to retain the majority of the activity that you know and love and help ensure that the organisation remains healthy for the next 18 months and beyond. 

What does this mean for you?

We have programmed 90% of our normal classes for the January term and maintained most of our prices. We want to continue to offer the joy of dance to as many as possible and support our teachers in very challenging times. 

To make this possible financially we will operate classes across three of our four studios to save on energy costs, and some disruption to schedules is unavoidable. A small number of classes have been cancelled completely and others will move time and day. The timetable for next term will be available week commencing 21 November. The new term will be on sale at 2pm on Thursday 1 December.

We’ve worked hard to create this new timetable and hope you’ll be able to work with the changes and understand the reasons behind them. By continuing to dance with us and spreading the word about Dance Base you’ll be giving people a weekly dose of joy through a tough winter and supporting us and our teachers. 

You can help.  

Most importantly, continue to dance with us and bring your friends! You can also support Dance Base by becoming a patron of the Dance Base Sundancer Fund or giving us a one-off donation. Ask at the front desk or visit www.dancebase.co.uk/support-us Finally, tell your MP, MSP and Edinburgh Councillors how much you value Dance Base, and the importance of continued support for the cultural sector’s energy bills beyond the end of March.

If you have questions, suggestions or ideas we are happy to talk. Please ask at the front desk or email me jim.hollington@dancebase.co.uk

Browse our Spring Term timetable now.