Meet the Artists & Collaborators

Bride Gane

Bridie Gane is a dance artist based in Glasgow creating works with retro theatricality. Exploring our weird and wonderful human behaviours and experiences, Bridie enjoys translating, making light of and elevating these through dance and performance, turning very real and mundane situations into surreal and extraordinary ones. Bridie works with a variety of performers and makes works for the stage, screen and site specific locations. Bridie was previously an Associate Artist with Dance Base.

Katie Miller is a dance artist from Glasgow working as a performer and teacher. Katie started her training at The Dance School of Scotland before going on to graduate from Rambert School. As well as working on projects with Janice Parker Projects, Indepen-dance and Katie Armstrong, she teaches regularly at Dance Base. Katie is passionate about dancing with people of all ages and abilities and aims to make dance accessible and enjoyable for everyone.  

Jen Wren & Slanjayvah Danza 

Jen Wren is an experienced multi-skilled international independent dance theatre artist. With a passion and reputation for creating and producing innovative and thought-provoking work, her artistry is grounded in artistic, human, heritage or scientific concepts, drawing on stories that connect people through universal and taboo themes, in cross-cultural and interdisciplinary territories.   

With an incredibly diverse career in dance, garnering acclaim for her string of choreographic productions and tours, Jen is described as… One of the most incisive and innovative conceptual choreographers, working in the UK dance scene – Graham Watts (Dance Critic Circle)2020. 

Jen has created and produced over 50 performance projects, presenting work for both stage and film both independently and with award winning contemporary-trad dance company Slanjayvah Danza.   

Known for her innovative ground-breaking choreographic works such as Blind Passion, Crazy Joanna, Minor Tears and 6 feet, 3 Shoes, Jen’s work has always drawn from both lived experiences and her acquired knowledge in physical therapies, and this has become a trademark of Wren's working style. 

Kirsten Newell

Kirsten Newell is rapidly becoming a prominent dancer in Scotland and the U.K. After initially training in ballet and contemporary as a child she began working in classical Indian dance with Priya Srikumar in 2006 and it was from here that her connection with India began. Kirsten went initially to Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore, and then onto the renowned Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai. For four years, she immersed herself fully in the essence of Bharatanatyam, its culture and tradition and graduated in 2013 with a first class degree. 

Kirsten returned home that year and began performing and teaching throughout Scotland and the UK. Her most recent projects/productions have been with the renowned ATMA Dance Company, Srishti Dance Creations, Mathangi Keshavan, Shane Shambhu and Seeta Patel. In 2019 Kirsten began working with Oxana Banshikova, Founder and artistic director of Cosmic Dance, taking Indian Classical Dance to new heights in Edinburgh through their high-quality Bharatanatyam projects, performances and dance classes. 

Mamoru Iriguchi

Mamoru is an award-winning performance maker and theatre designer with a background in zoology. The Edinburgh-based artist’s performance pieces include ‘Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.)’ (Made in Scotland Showcase, shortlisted for Creative Edinburgh Awards), ‘4D Cinema’ (Autopsy Award winner), ‘GRAFT’ (The Place Spring Loaded commission), ‘One Man Show’ (The Place Prize commission), ‘Projector/Conjector’ (Aerowaves Spring Forward). 

His theatre design work includes ‘Mincemea’t (Cardboard Citizens, Best Design, Evening Standard Theatre Awards), ‘Unlimited Global Alchemy’ (Rachel Gadsden + Athina Vahla), ‘Show of Hands’ (Freddie Opoku-Addaie), and ‘Practice’ (Nicola Conibere).  


Taylor Han

Taylor Han is an independent dance artist based in Glasgow with a passion for improvisation and collaboration. Taylor’s work focusses on creating space for connection, honesty, and joy, and she is the lead artist for With Catastrophic Consequences

Originally from Florida, Simone Seales is a Glasgow-based cellist who completed their postgraduate studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2021. They focus on free improvisation (both tonal and atonal) and devising music for theatre. They are passionate about creating spaces of radical joy within classical music. 

Ramon Ayres is an actor, director, specialist in physical theatre and devising. He has collaborated, performed and toured on a variety of projects in the UK and internationally. 


Tess Letham

Tess Letham is an independent dance artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, working as a performer, teacher, dance theatre maker and curator.  

Performance projects have included work by Curious Seed, David Zambrano, Gracefool Collective, Cagoule, Bridie Gane, Shotput, Cultured Mongrel, Rob Heaslip, Anahat Theatre, Alan Greig Dance Theatre, PanicLab, All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre and Mairead McClean/The Wapping Project. 

Tess’s creations focus on human experiences - constructing both obscure and deeply authentic environments, bringing the audience fully into an intriguing theatrical world. The content deals with human connections and emotions, and combines her passions for multi-disciplinary theatre, dynamic physicality and high quality integrated design.

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