White & Givan and DEBS 20-24 May

White & Givan 2019


White & Givan and DEBS 2018/19

Errol White & Davina Givan are mentors for the 2019 DEBS programme and will be joined by DEBS recipients Gregor Campbell, Millie Thomas, Kirsten Walker and Jack Anderson throughout this residency week to explore themes around histories etched into and onto the body and how these affect our movement and personhood over time. The DEBs will be encouraged to explore personal and shared embodied histories, and the ways we consciously and unwittingly create and renew their meaning. The body retains visible marks particular to an event alongside the responses to daily use. Sometimes physical or psychological injury is internalised, and the body accommodates by stooping, slowing, or tensing in protection. All of our unique lived experience is continually etched like a geological stratum into our beings, whilst our bodies themselves are in a constant state of cellular renewal. When dwelled upon these seen and unseen marks can transport us back to the wounding event, alight with the sensory richness of the remembered experience. Other times we are blind to their presence, yet they are still there telling our stories and underscoring our vulnerability.

Company Class | Thursday 23 May | 10.00-11.30

The principle elements of the class work will focus on skeletal alignment; articulate placement and core stability. Leading the dancers to move fluidly with precision, power and strength facilitating a neutral and controlled understanding of the body’s physicality in performance.

Company Showing | Friday 24 May | 17.00

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