Mamoru Iriguchi 22 – 26 April

Mamoru Iriguchi 22 – 26 April

Image Credit: Mamoru Iriguchi


Mamoru Iriguchi

Gravity and the linear nature of time cause limitation in movement and dance. Through playful DIY technology, Mamoru will explore secrets of movement that are impossible to experience in our 'real world’. In this residency, Mamoru and professionals dance to iconic tunes (from Swan Lake to Dancing Queen). Their movement is filmed and digitally manipulated to enable the exploration of the impossible.

Imopossiballet will be a participatory project for families to make their own dance film. The project encourages the family unit to dance and have fun together to a dance tune they choose, only for the final movie to reveal not just the excitement of dancing publicly but also aspects of dance which are beyond normal human experience.


Company Class | Thursday 25 April | 10.00 – 11.30
Mamoru used to light Tadashi Suzuki's shows. Though Mamoru then had no intention to perform on stage, the director told him to do infamous stamping every day for 3 years. He invites those interested to share his observation (and to stamp).


Company Showing | Friday 26 April | 17.00


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