Jay Yule 10-14 June

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Image Credit: Jack Luttman

Viva La Vulva

Jay Yule

The starting research for this project revealed common notions of shame and humiliation among women and non-binary individuals when talking about sex. Viva la vulva aims to overcome these notions by showcasing a journey of empowerment. Stripping away the performative roles placed on us by oppressive social and patriarchal structures, we try to recapture an innocent curiosity for exploring our own bodies.

Jay Yule and Ronja Kasemi will be diving deeper into their research, further investigating the effect of movement on their voices and associations we have with humanly made noises in relation to sex. We will also explore Julia Kristeva’s definition of the Abject and the dichotomy between pain and pleasure, disgust and desire.


Company Class | Thursday 13 June | 10.00 – 11.30

Open to anyone. We will focus on stripping away judgemental thought, allowing the body to enter a state of 'not-knowing', a place where free uncensored movement can flow. Be prepared to let go of all inhibitions and ride the wave of absurdity.

Company Showing | Friday 14 June | 17.00

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