Jack Webb 27-31 May

Jack Web Summer 2019 Residency

Image Credit: Jack Webb

Sense of Centre
Jack Webb

Imagine a home that is living and breathing, that moves from place to place, a home that we are born in and die in. The body is a home, can be a home and should be a home. Sense of Centre is a new solo that explores the concept of 'the body as home'. It explores the role of the body as the most constant and tangible element of our existence.

Jack will explore how the body can be enough, the body being reliable, the body being a vehicle for change and the potential of the body to serve as a sanctuary or a refuge from the challenges of our current world. Sense of Centre is a search for a deep grounding, softness, connection, tangibility and the need for a home in the moving and dancing body. 

Company Class | Thursday 30 May | 10.00 – 11.30 CANCELLED

Dynamic floor work, breath, weight and imagery combined with some codified exercises to prepare the body for articulate and demanding phrases.

Company Showing | Friday 31 May | 17.00 CANCELLED

Unfortunately Jack's class and company showing have been cancelled due to injury.

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