Daniel Navarro Lorenzo / Dan Lourenço Dance 6-10 May

Daniel Navarro Lorenzo2_Chew Junhong cropped

Image Credit: Chew Junhong

A Fragile Geography: PLACES

Daniel Navarro Lorenzo / Dan Lourenço Dance

Based on the memory of what nature means to us and what will be remembered in this future fictitious world, where society has tried to recreate a synthetic and artificial nature.
My inspiration for the piece comes from living in Singapore for the past three years where there are a lot of 'recreations' of nature, and the superficiality that comes with that. I could see on the streets, museums, or parks that have tried to 'fake' nature in this increasingly urban city. It will be based on the feelings of the loneliness and the darker side of human beings. A character who tries to find nature to become like those who lived before him/her. Just like it is for me, music will be what guides the character through this journey and is what will make him/her dream and believe in his imaginary world.

Company Class | Tuesday 7 May | 10.00 – 11.30

My technical classes are based on the Limon and Release techniques. I like to mix my classes using both techniques – the Release style allows more freedom of movement while Limon brings more discipline around shape and form. In my opinion, Release is more natural and free and helps me to see the potential of dancers in terms of their movement and dance. Limon gives dancers a more powerful body structure.

Company Showing | Friday 10 May | 16.00

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