Sheila MacDougall

Sheila Macdougall
Image Credit: Merav Israel

Residency 1-8 June
Sheila Macdougall

The Shoebox Project - As Yet Untitled

How do we organise our lives, thoughts, memories, bodies, material possessions? How do we organise artistic collaborations? What do we keep? What rituals do we incorporate into our organisations? How are rituals perceived by others? These are only some of a myriad of questions that will be delved into and explored during this residency.

Using shoeboxes as a starting point Sheila Macdougall will investigate these questions through movement, improvisation, image and text to create a solo performance piece in collaboration with Merav Israel. We will explore sequencing as a way to create connections and meaning; the material created will serve as a foundation for further development of the performance.

Company class Thursday 4 June 10.00-11.30
An improvisation class based on Viewpoints with gentle physical warm up followed by a composition component. No experience required.

Company Showing Friday 5 June 17.00

Image: Sheila Macdougall

Residency 2 – 6 May

Sheila Macdougall

Shoeboxes (Working Title)

Sheila will use this residency to explore material generated in a previous Dance Base residency, considering questions such as: How do we organise our space, thoughts, memories, lives, bodies, and material possessions? How do we take a lifetime of experience and distil it into an essence that is recognisable to a viewer? How are meanings conveyed minimally and succinctly?

With co-creator and director/choreographer Merav Israel, musician/composer/sound artist Alex Mackay, and numerous shoeboxes we will investigate how to pare down already accumulated material by exploring the sequencing, integration and interdependence of all the performance elements – movement, space, text, objects, music, sound – to create meaningful segments as part of a solo.

Company Class: Thursday 5 May 10.00-11.30

An improvisation class based on Viewpoints with a focus on presence in body and mind. Open to all.

Company Showing: Friday 6 May 17.00


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