Priya Shrikumar - Dance Ihayami

Dance Ihayami residency



Residency 25 May – 5 June
Dance Ihayami

New work

Dance Ihayami will explore ideas for a new experimental work in Indian classical dance. Priya Shrikumar, Dance Ihayami’s artistic director and choreographer, will examine the interaction between the voice and movement of the dancers, outwith the context of accompanying music, while remaining true to the geometry and aesthetics of Bharatanatyam. Priya and her dancers will unite in this new vocabulary of the silence between movement. How can the dancers both prompt and respond to sound, and its absence, through movement?

Company Class Tuesday 26 May & 2 June 10.00-11.30
Using the core vocabulary and sculptureque quality of Indian classical dance, and its vast array of complex gestures and expressions, Dance Ihayami will lead a class exploring Priya Shrikumar’s unique style of choreography. Suitable for people with some dance experience (in any dance form).

Company Showing Friday 5 June 16.00


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