Skye Reynolds & Jo Clifford 24-28 FEBRUARY - Postponed

Skye Reynolds & Jo Clifford 24-28 FEBRUARY

Image credit: Sketch by Jo Clifford


This residency has been postponed.


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Skye Reynolds & Jo Clifford

Skye Reynolds is collaborating with playwright/performer Jo Clifford to explore death, ageing and desire.

Last year, Jo and Skye established a daily practice - Jo sent a short film of herself dancing, Skye sent a short piece of her writing. This journey into each other’s artistic terrain enabled them to explore places within themselves they had long desired to visit but which had somehow been neglected.

For Jo, dance was part of a ‘feminine’ world forbidden when she was forced to live as a boy; for Skye, poetry awakened her childhood dream of being a writer.

Jo is approaching 70; Skye approaching 50; the desire to inhabit these less explored areas becomes more vital with ageing.

Now or never, it’s time to begin.

Company Class | Thursday 27 February | 10:00- 11:30 - Cancelled

This class will explore communication. Communication through our bodies, communication through our words. A choreographer and a playwright will lead an embodied exploration of how both can work together to enhance our creative practice and performance.

Company Showing | Friday 28 February | 17:00 - Cancelled

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