Monica De Ioanni / Marion Kenny 13 - 17 APRIL

Monica De Ioanni / Marion Kenny 13 - 17 APRIL

Image credit: Lucas Kao

L ī l ā - The Cosmic Play

Monica De Ioanni/Marion Kenny

L ī l ā - The Cosmic Play aims to look at our sense of belonging and identity. The artists explore the universal theme of the ‘Cycle of life’, the continual turning of the seasons, our connection with nature and the elements, our human need to question our existence, searching for understanding and marking important events with acts of sacred ritual.

Monica De Ioanni and Marion Kenny draw inspiration from ancient traditions of music, storytelling and dance from around the world with particular reference to Bali in Indonesia where both artists have studied ancient dance theatre.

Whilst drawing inspiration from age-old traditions, the artists create original musical compositions, new choreography and retell the eternal story of Cosmic Play.

Company Class | Thursday 16 April | 10.00-11.30

After awakening the body’s structure, fluids and perception, we will visit Balinese Traditional dance theatre practice: the Mask Dance (Topeng) and the Jodeg Dance. We will start to engage with how the ancient practice can inform contemporary composition practice individually and in groups. This Company class is both for dance and theatre practitioners.

Company Showing | Friday 17 April | 17.00

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