Tamsyn Russell 18 - 22 February

Tamsyn Russell 18 - 22 February

Image Credit: Viktoria Begg

Tamsyn Russell

Scene (alone)

During this residency Tamsyn will explore the very beginning stages of developing a solo. Starting with the premise of creating new worlds, atmospheres and scenarios, but forever interrupted as a new idea crashes into another. As a choreographer Tamsyn is interested in exploring the complex nature of being human and questioning, challenging and compelling the audience to reflect on their own world. Through this work I hope to expose private thoughts and ideologies and reflect the complexities and idiosyncrasies that determine what it is to be human.


Company Class | Tuesday 19 February | 10.00 – 11.30

Tamsyn teaches a release based class devised to move the body in an organized and efficient way, focusing on clarity of movement and momentum. Working from a traditional class structure from floor phrases to standing, gradually building to integrate skills in full-bodied movement phrases. Tamsyn's classes are energetic and challenging by their emphasis on shifting through the space, swing and dynamics.


Company Showing | Friday 22 February | 16.00

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