Shane Shambhu 7 - 11 January

Shane Shambhu 7 - 11 January

Hebridean Treasure: Lost & Found

Shane Shambhu

Shane Shambhu will be working closely with Kirsten Newell to explore the narrative potential of Bharatanatyam by applying a training methodology he has been developing.

The narrative potential will still maintain the physical prowess of the form but expand to encompass narrative, express emotionally and communicate a deeper felt meaning by going beyond the abstract. This exploration will stem from a script entitled “Hebredean Treasure” written by John Philip Newell. This exploration along with text will be a chance to explore the ways in which Bharatanatyam can be re-invented to tell stories beyond its cultural expectations to connect with other cultures and narratives.


Company Class | Tuesday 8 January | 10.00 – 11.30

Shane Shambhu leads a unique open class for dancers and actors. He shares his practise that seamlessly merges his Indian dance background with contemporary dance and theatre techniques widening the potential for creative expression and providing a rare experience of different cultural viewpoints to the approach to creating performance.

Participants will practically explore their individual creativity and instincts from a culturally different standpoint and discover a unique culturally-hybrid dance-theatre language that has been developed from the participants’ own creative drive.


Company Showing | Friday 11 January | 16.00

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