Luke Pell 14 - 18 January & 1 - 5 April

Luke Pell 14 - 18 January & 1 - 5 April

Image Credit: Brian Hartley

Luke Pell

Dance Base Associate Artist Luke Pell will be in the studio continuing to explore aspects of his practice concerned with the choreography of people, place and thought including projects he has been developing during the associateship so far: Selkie Was A Sea With (or...) with Kitty Fedorec and The Wait of Mountains with Janice Parker

Company Class | Tuesday 15 January and Thursday 4 April | 10.00 – 11.30

Join Luke and collaborators in an open playful space for morning preparations that work with words and movements - words as movements - and the body as landscape, through a series of guided improvisations and rituals that draw on memory and materiality to listen, touch and move, differently.

Company Showing | Friday 5 April | 17.00

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