Sandra Robertson 25 – 29 NOVEMBER

Sandra Robertson 25 – 29 NOVEMER

Image Credit: John Sikorski


Sandra Robertson

I have so often worked with other musicians as an accompaniment to my dancing but now I want to explore the idea of my own body as being the complete instrument, both percussively and vocally, so that no matter where I am, I can convey the musicality of my own self as a rich resource.

I have danced formally since childhood and sung too since then on a more informal basis, and for the last 20 years, been in a ‘Waulking’ singing group.  The more I sing Gaelic songs the more the internal rhythms of the songs speak to me. I will use the residency to marry song rhythms with foot rhythms and explore the percussive connections between the two.

I will use the  puirt-a-beul ‘Sheatadh cailleach, ruileadh cailleach’ as my main focus and also a selection of waulking songs  as well as other puirt-a-beul.

Company Class | Tuesday 26 Nov | 10.00 – 11.30

I will teach percussive steps in Strathspey and Reel timings. The class will suit those with a background in percussive dance but is open to all. Hard shoes are required.

Company Showing | Friday 29 Nov | 16.00

This residency is part of an ongoing collaboration between Dance Base & Traditional Dance Forum Scotland

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