Matthew Hawkins / Anka Sedlackova 21 – 25 OCTOBER

Matthew Hawkins / Anka Sedlackova 21 – 25 OCTOBER

Image Credit: Matthew Hawkins

Already There

Matthew Hawkins / Anka Sedlackova

'Priestor pre dvojite Samohlasky' is in some sense Already There as Anglo/Slovak encounters between dance artists Anka Sedlackova and Matthew Hawkins span a variety of situations and three decades. They feel it is good not to overlook what happens to be comprised, and yet it feels right for these 'lifelong learners' to pay homage to what might be immediately to hand in their beloved working locales. Experimenting with a methodology of the makeshift, they intend to conjure a pop-up experience, with apt depth.

Company Class | Tuesday 22 Oct | 10.00 – 11.30

The class will be episodic, centering on Cunningham technique as embodied by the perspectives of the two artists.

Company Showing | Friday 25 Oct | 16.00

Supported by Public Funding from Slovak Arts Council

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