Mark Bleakley 4 – 8 NOVEMBER

Mark Bleakley 4 – 8 NOVEMBER

Image Credit: Claricia Parinussa

How we handle things.

Mark Bleakley

This project focuses on the relationships between the performing body and sculpture, I am interested in how we place value into objects, their consequent loss, the life of an object and a body. How these value systems change and are affected when applied to a body within contemporary contexts of social structures, art galleries and material cultures.

I am currently developing a performance installation under the same name.  Exploring these themes using a medical thermoplastic, exploring forms of interaction and embodiment of this material through casting body surfaces.  This residency will continue my exploration of this performance focusing on audience interactions with the material.

Company Class | Tuesday 5 Nov | 10.00 – 11.30

I will lead the class through a series of scores and exercises related to materiality and building structure. We will also engage with the thermoplastic casting process.

Company Showing | Friday 8 Nov | 15.00

Mark Bleakley's end of residency sharing will consist of an open studio from 3-5pm. Between 3-4.30 Mark will be running a series of scores which include audience interactions in the making of a series of casts. During this time you are welcome to enter the space. From 4.30 there will be a short discussion around peoples thoughts and experiences of the casting process and the performance.

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