Fleur Darkin 9 – 13 & 23 – 27 SEPTEMBER

Fleur Darkin 9 – 13 SEPTEMBER

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Kristeva Selfie Project 

Fleur Darkin

I will be exploring the movement potentialities inspired by the early life and ideas of Bulgarian theorist/psychoanalyst/writer Julia Kristeva. I will be exploring physical practice that is a selfhood-formation. Dancing at the abyss of the self, dancing as a careful balance between familiarity and the unknown. with special attention on the contradictions between thinking and being. I’m at the very beginning of the project and looking for the vocabulary that can confidently render Kristeva’s complex ideas into actions that affect the watcher. This will be my first doorway into solo work. 

Company Class | Tuesdays 10 & 24 Sep | 10.00 – 11.30

A structured, taught class that guides participants through their senses and imaginations to move from inside a sensual body and utilises alignment, weight flow and is dictated by pleasure. Also, we will dance to amazing music (see pleasure). 

Company Showing | Friday 27 Sep | 16.00


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