Sophie Stephenson: 3-7 Dec

Sophie Stephenson 3 - 7 DECEMBER

Trad Colloab Residency

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Dà Chois
Sophie Stephenson

Dà chois (‘two feet’) is an exciting new project which will explore and showcase traditional Scottish dance in a way which hasn’t been done before. Sophie Stephenson is a dancer from the Highlands of Scotland who specialises in a close to the floor style of percussive step dance. During the residency, Sophie will collaborate with musician and sound artist Hector MacInnes, along with Mairi Campbell (musician/singer/dancer) and Eilidh Munro (Gaelic singer/musician). The interrelationship between voice and movement will be integral to the collaboration which will explore Gaelic traditional song, music and dance in an experimental way. Technology will be used to manipulate sounds, create loops and build up layers to create a bigger soundscape.

Company Class | Tuesday 4 December | 10.00 – 11.30

The class will cover traditional Scottish strathspey, jig and reel steps, and explore rhythmic patterns using step dance and body percussion.
The workshop is suitable for all levels of ability and previous step dance experience is not required. Participants should wear hard-soled shoes.

Company Showing | Friday 7 December | 17.00

This residency is part of an ongoing collaboration between Dance Base & Traditional Dance Forum Scotland

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