The Infinite Life Journey by Ming-Hsuan Liu

The Infinite Life Journey by Ming-Hsuan Liu

The Infinite Life Journey is a 20-minute performance work choreographed by Ming-Hsuan Liu, a dancer from the Taiwanese dance company B.DANCE and the members of PRIME.

Created as part of a two year international and intergenerational exchange project between Taiwan and Scotland The Infinite Life Journey reimagins the choreographic explorations of B.DANCE’s award-winning production Floating Flowers and translates the narrative motifs of water, grief, incarnation and life stories from Taiwan to Scotland, adapting these for a group of older dancers. The work explores the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – blending set group choreography with solos created through improvisation practice where each dancer expresses their own personal journey.

To share this process of cross-generational collaboration and international exchange, B.DANCE & PRIME hosted 13, 1 hour sessions where they performed The Infinite Life Journey and held a short workshop to open up their learning and process. These were open to the public and to community groups to attend and aimed to share the practice of international, cross-generational exchange. During the six days we presented community workshops in Aberdeen, Dundee, Dumbarton and Edinburgh.


Creative Team:

Choreographer, B. DANCE – Ming-Hsuan Liu

Operation Director, B.DANCE – Yen-Ling Yi

Producer, Step Out Arts – Jih-Wen Yeh

Support Choreographer, PRIME – Morag Deyes

Artistic Director, PRIME – Steinvor Palsson

Head of Professional Programme & Company Manager for PRIME – Kirsty Somerville

PRIME Company Members – Annie Yong, Christine Thynne, Diane Mitchell, Eleanor Morrison, Judy Adams, Karen Duignan, Moira Berry, Norma Turvill, Paul Burrows, Rosie Orr, Sara McBean & Tom Daniel


Photography by Amy Sinead